The blacksmith of cowbells

for EPV Bayern

Cows can be musical. If they have the right instruments hanging from their necks. Philipp Trenkle in Pfronten, who cultivates a rare craft, provides them: He forges cowbells according to ancient tradition.

Dairy farmers in the Bavarian mountains

for Berchtsgadener Land

In Bavaria, parcels of land are considered mountain areas in which the average altitude is higher than 70 m or average slope inclination is more than 18%. In these areas, dairy farming is clearly more complicated and costly than in the lowlands. Often the whole family has to work together.

Peace at last on the alp

for EWS Magazine

A Swiss engineer could solve the storage problem of the energy transition. A story about an engineer, an alpine herdsman and dairyman and salt batteries in the mountains. How energy is stored in a trailer in remote regions.

Site in sight

for Finish Magazine

Pioneers need to have a sense of adventure. And be fearless. Like the team that is breaking new ground in Mexico for Wörwag. One of its members is Project Manager Giuseppe Polito. His first trip to San Luis Potosí was a successful tour of discovery.

For the good sound – the Sonor factory

for Signature magazine

Sonor is one of the most famous drum makers in the world. Rathgeber company has also been contributing to the fact that the drumsets from Bad Berleburg are perfect down to the last detail. A factory tour.

Genie in the bottle

for ADAC Reisemagazin

Grappa was considered as inferior rotgut for a long time – made of grape remains. Today the schnapps is recognized worldwide. In the Val the Cembra, with the family Pilzer, one of the best is made.

The wonder of the Highlands

for Lufthansa Exclusive

In 2015, a tea from Scotland triumphed at the Salon du Thé in Paris. The tea world was dumbfounded. Grown in the cold? In the rain? In the fog? Impossible! But Tam O’Braan knows better. Update: These astonishing claims actually seemed too crazy to be true: they were later investigated by the Scottish Food Standards Agency amid fears that the award did not really exist and that some teas were not actually produced in Scotland.

Lokal – Das Kochexperiment

two friends, eleven trips, one cookery book

Around 15 years ago it was still quite normal to buy fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk or meat from your own region. But over the years the characterization and also the true origin of the regionality has been falsified and commercialized. Georg Schweisfurth and Simon Tress are therefore looking for the real local taste. Local means: Obtaining food that is produced at most 15 kilometers around your center of life. They travel to eleven very different places in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland.