Philip-Jones-Griffiths-Award 2018


I’m very honoured to receive the 2nd place of the Philip-Jones-Griffiths-Award 2018. Many thanks to the PJG Foundation and the jurors.

„Wee Muckers – Youth of Belfast“​ goes live on Kickstarter soon


My long-term project about daily life of teenagers in Belfast, between Peace Agreement and Brexit will be published in February 2018 by Kehrer. To make this 120 page hard-cover book actually come to life, we need your support. You can order your personal copy and original prints on Kickstarter from November 5th on. Look out for news on Kickstarter, my website and facebook. Spread the word. Help to make it happen. Thank you!

„If I had been born at the top of my street, behind the corrugated-iron border, I would have been British. Incredible to think. My whole idea of myself, the attachments made to a culture, heritage, religion, nationalism and politics are all an accident of birth. I was one street away from being born my ‘enemy’“. Belfast-born writer and author of the awarded novel „The Good Son“ Paul McVeigh has written the introduction for the book.

Social Documentary Network Anniversary Exhibition


My photo „Strength, Respect, Loyalty“ which is part of the series „Youth of Belfast“ will be shown at the Bronx Documentary Center during the SDN 10th Anniversary Exhibition on October 27th, 7-10pm. Event is free and open to public, come by and join us! RSVP required.

In the US till October 31st


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Story about San Pedro prison at topos magazine


My reportage from inside Bolivian prison San Pedro, where inmates live together with their families, has been published at „topos magazine“.

In New York from September 15th on


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Back at Friedensdorf International


Back on assignment at „Friedensdorf International“ and their Afghanistan mission. Each time touching to see these brave and proud kids! More to come soon.

The kiss on „die Zeit“


My photo „the kiss“, taken a while ago at West Village, NY was published on this weeks issue of „die Zeit“.

Alfred Fried Photography Award


This year’s shortlist nomination at the Alfred Fried Photography Award means my personal hattrick in this Award after being part of it already in 2014 and 2016!

Lugano Photo Days


My long-term project about the Youth of Northern Ireland is among the finalists of Lugano Photo Days.

I am very happy about this news that reaches me just in the moment that I am back to Belfast to keep on working on this series!

„Themmuns – Youth in Northern Ireland“ on shortlist for the ZEISS Photo Award 2018


My part of “Themmuns”, our collaborative project about youth in Northern Ireland after UK’s Brexit decision is on the shortlist for the ZEISS Photography Award. It will be shown at the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House, London from April 20th – May 6th. Come by if you have the chance to!

Bird In Flight 


Nice publication on Russian „Bird In Flight“ magazine about ten of my favourite photos, unfortunately only in Russian! журнал „Bird in Flight“ с приятным отчетом о моей работе – к сожалению, пока только на русском!

New Talent Award


2nd Place at „Profi Foto New Talent Award“ gives me the chance to continue the project „Youth of the UK“.

„Youth of the UK“ at Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2018


Parts of my series „Youth of the UK“ will be shown at Duesseldorf Photo Weekend on February 16th, 2018 as part of the exhibition „Neighbourhood“ that is also showing work by Matt Hulse, Giya Makondo-Wills, Lucia Tollens and Adriano Vannini. Opening at WP5 Raum Rudolph, Worringer Platz, 6pm. Hope to see you there!

UNICEF Photo of the Year – Honorable mention


Very happy about the honorable mention by UNICEF Photo of the Year 2017 for my work „Youth of the UK“ about the daily life of young people in the United Kingdom!


Continuing my series „Youth of the UK“


Continuing my series „Youth of the UK“ with the current project ›Youth in Northern Ireland‹. End of August heading up to Liverpool.

Juan Martín Guevara


My portrait of Juan Martín Guevara has been published at Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin.

HIPA Award Winner


Award-ceremony of the HIPA-Awards at the opera house of Dubai. I’m very glad about the 2nd place in the general black & white category.

Shortlist of Nannen-Preis


It’s a big honour to be again on the shortlist of the Nannen-Preis with my story about the work of Friedensdorf International, published at VICE.

Shortlist of the Sony World Photography Awards


I’m very happy to be shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards 2017 at the „Daily Life“ category with my series „Youth of the UK“.

Publication at Lufthansa Exclusive


Documentary about the first tea plantations in Scotland producing one of the most expensive teas in the world.

Publication at BISS


Documentary about football culture in Munich focusing on TSV 1860 and FC Bayern supporters.

Back to Buenos Aires


My phone here is +54.911.33430282.

Exhibition „Luis Valtueña Award“, Madrid


My work about Friedensdorf International will be shown at the CentroCentro Cibeles de Cultura y Ciudadanía de Madrid (Plaza Cibeles 1) from January 24 till March 5.

VG Bild-Kunst grant


Together with Jens Schwarz we just received the VG Bild-Kunst grant which will enable us to futher a collaborative project on Brexit-related social disruptions in the UK.

Phone number in Myanmar


During my stay in Myanmar you can contact me via email or at 0095.9768518983.

Finalist „Premio Luis Valtueña“


I feel very honoured to be among the finalists of the „Luis-Valtueña“-Award by Médicos del Mundo Spain for Humanitarian Photography.

Publication at „VICE“ magazine


With my long term project about Friedensdorf International.

On the road again – trips to Myanmar and South America


I will travel to Myanmar January 1st – January 20th and to Argentina January  24th – March 14th.


For assignments please send an email or get in touch with my agency.

2nd Prize at Life Framer Award „six continents“


“Going into this judging I did hold hope of there being images representing migration into Europe. Toby has focused his particular efforts on docu­menting sick and wounded children brought to Germany by the NGO Peace Village International for specialist medical treatment not available in their country of origin. This image has haunting quality to it… the child appears to demonstrate both vulnerability – with his medical wrist tag, small stature, and the way he is holding onto the NGO staff member’s hand – but at the same time his eyes seem to show an expression of a child who has seen and experienced things that have forced him to deal with the tough and often brutal realities of the world in which he lives, and grow up fast. The photographer has used light, contrast and reflection very effec­tively in the image, and the composition means that the viewer’s attention to directed almost exclusively to the boy’s face and the hand holding.”

– Patrick di Nola

in New York until October 15th


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Gold medal for Rafaela!


Judoka Rafaela Silva made it and won the first gold medal for Brazil in the Olympics 2016! Congrats Rafaela! Well deserved!

Medienpreis der Kindernothilfe


I’m very happy to be nominated for the Media Award of child rights organisation „Kindernothilfe“.



Our reportage about two sisters from Rio who made it from the favelas to the upcoming Olympics.

Alfred-Fried-Award 2016


Very happy to be again on the shortlist of the Alfred-Fried-Award!

Publication at „Max Joseph“ Magazine


A picture of my series about arriving refugees in Munich in the new issue of Max Joseph magazine.

Publication at „Brigitte“ magazine


Our documentary about the impact of the use of glyphosate in Argentina.

Independence day in Eritrea


On May 24th Eritrea is celebrating 25 years of independence from Ethiopia.
Thinking of all my Eritrean friends and their families. Asmara, 2014

Libertad a Milagro Sala


„Libertad a Milagro Sala!“, San Salvador de Jujuy, January 2016
back to Argentina!


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publication at „Stern“ magazine


My series about child labour in Bolivia has been published at „Stern“.

Publication at „brand eins“ magazine


My series from Megyer, Hungary at „brand eins“.

Refugees arriving at Munich


During September thousands of refugees arrive at Munich Central station. Volunteers are providing clothes and food for the new arrivals.

Cover photo for „Amnesty Magazine“


One of my photos about LGBTI in Cameroon as Cover for „Amnesty Magazine“ Switzerland.

Friedensdorf International


I had another wonderful day at Friedensdorf International and could witness the arrival of children from Angola. If you wish to support their great work, please donate at:

Participation at the exhibition „Changing Realities“ in Berlin and Hamburg


First images of the exhibit and the opening last Saturday! Changing Realities is designed for the presentation in the public arena. On billboards – altars of western consumer society – the selected photographic positions create a surprising „art“ space. It is thus not only an exhibition, but also an intervention in public space. I’m shown there with my series „Friedensdorf“ and „conflict-free mining in Eastern Congo“: Changing Realities – Images of a World in Transition

Publication at Swiss magazine „Das Magazin“


My series about child labour in Bolivia now on „Das Magazin“, N°23:

Horizonte Zingst


My work about conflict-free mining in Eastern Congo has been shown at the photo festival „Horizonte Zingst“.

Publication at „der Spiegel“ magazine


One of my photos from Bottom Hospital/Malawi in „Der Spiegel“.

Publication at „Nido“ magazine


In today’s issue of „Nido“: portraits from my series about child labour in Bolivia:

Food Trucks


Our book about Foodtrucks has been published at Prestel.

Travelling to Patagonia


Travelling to one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever been to.

Publication at „FIFA weekly“ magazine


FIFA weekly magazine with parts of my series about 5-a-side pitches in Buenos Aires.

Potosi, Bolivia


Travelling to the Silver mines of Potosí for a story about child labour in Bolivia.