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for Finish magazine, commissioned by campra

Pioneers need to have a sense of adventure. And be fearless. Like the team that is breaking new ground in Mexico for Wörwag. One of its members is Project Manager Giuseppe Polito. His first trip to San Luis Potosí was a successful tour of discovery.

Mexico is colorful, lively, and fiery. So is its cuisine. Giuseppe Polito pauses for a moment. His thirst for adventure comes to a halt when his mouth is on fire. The El Pozole restaurant in San Luis Potosí serves not only the stew of that name, but also antojitos, or spicy snacks. Polito, a 37-year-old Italian with Sicilian roots, has come to Mexico for Wörwag to help set up a subsidiary in the country. He dips a taco into one of the four mole sauces. Empieza la aventura. And his adventure starts off on a fiery note. The dips, which consist of green jalapeños, ancho chilies, and a small, round, very old type of chili pepper called a chiltepin, are extremely hot. Nearly everything else is too. Even in the smallest doses. “Delicious, absolutely delicious, but make sure you don’t dip too deeply,” says Polito, who is about to gather many more new impressions over the next few days. He and Wörwag are entering new territory in Mexico.

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